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Is LASIK Surgery Right For You?

LASIK Surgery at Southwest Orlando Eye Care in Orlando, FL

If you are tired of wearing corrective lenses, you may be a strong candidate for LASIK surgery. If you are in general good health, you don't have an auto-immune disorder, and you want to correct your vision with LASIK, it's time to meet with an eye doctor at Southwest Orlando Eye Care.

Woman getting lasik eye surgery

What Is LASIK?

LASIK is corrective eye surgery that uses a laser to improve the shape of the lens on your eye so that you can see better. This is a short procedure, and most people see vision improvements right away. It will take weeks for you to fully see the benefits of your LASIK surgery.

Individuals Who Are Good Candidates for LASIK

Good candidates for LASIK surgery are individuals who don't have significant eye health issues and want to improve their vision. If you are over 18, not pregnant or nursing, and don't suffer from consistently dry eyes, you are likely a good candidate for LASIK surgery.

Individuals Who Are Bad Candidates for LASIK

LASIK surgery is not for everyone. If you have blood sugar levels that are out of control because of diabetes, you have an auto-immune disorder, or your health is otherwise compromised, you aren't going to be able to heal from LASIK surgery and are considered a poor candidate. In addition, if you have an eye injury or infection, you must wait for the injury or infection to clear up before getting LASIK surgery.

LASIK in Orlando

There are few complications from LASIK surgery and most people return to work within a day or two. Your eye doctor will prescribe drops that help keep your eyes from drying out and infection free. You can't wear eye makeup for about a week, and while you can smoke, this may cause irritation.

Call Our Southwest Orlando Eye Care in Orlando, FL for LASIK Surgery Today

Call Southwest Orlando Eye Care today at 407-271-8931 and set up a consultation to learn more about LASIK in Orlando, FL.


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