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Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment from Our Orlando Optometrist

Diabetic Retinopathy in Orlando, FL

Diabetic retinopathy potentially leads to significant vision issues, including blindness. Our Southwest Orlando Eye Care optometrists have the experience to diagnose diabetic retinopathy and explore individualized treatment options.

woman being tested for diabetic retinopathy

What Is Diabetic Retinopathy And What Causes It?

The result of damage to blood vessels of the retina, most often caused by chronically high blood sugar, diabetic retinopathy is a leading cause of blindness in adults in the U.S. 

The retina changes light and images entering the eyes to nerve signals are subsequently sent to the brain. Diabetic retinopathy causes issues with those images and signals, because the disease damages small blood vessels of the retina, potentially causing them to leak fluid or bleed. It also potentially causes new, abnormal vessels to grow on the surface of the retina. 

Complications of diabetic retinopathy include scarring, cell loss in the retina, distorted vision and possible blindness.

Diabetic Retinopathy Symptoms

Diabetic retinopathy initially produces no symptoms, often allowing the disease to progress to advanced stages. People experience symptoms such as colors appearing faded or washed out, experiencing an increase in seeing floaters, noticing poor night vision, blurry vision or vision that changes from blurry to clear.

Other symptoms include dark or blank areas in your vision and possibly experiencing pain or pressure in one or both of your eyes.

What Are Treatment Options for Someone Diagnosed With Diabetic Retinopathy?

Diabetic retinopathy potentially progresses through four stages. Once our optometrist diagnoses your diabetic retinopathy, the stage you are at possibly directs your individualized treatment plan.

Treatment options include closely monitoring the condition with regular appointments with our Southwest Orlando optometrist if you have early diabetic retinopathy. Medication injected into the eye is an option for some people, to help keep abnormal vessels from growing. As the disease progresses, some individuals with diabetic retinopathy may need comprehensive dilated eye exams every few months.  We discuss other treatment options with you if you need other treatments.

How Can an Optometrist Detect or Treat Diabetic Retinopathy?

Our Southwest Orlando Eye Care team recognizes the importance of performing dilated eye exams. We also perform other comprehensive screenings because people with diabetic retinopathy are more prone to develop certain other eye diseases.

Your comprehensive dilated eye exam includes visual acuity testing, dilating your pupils to allow our eye doctor to examine your optic nerve and retina, measuring pressure inside each eye and optical coherence tomography, which the NEI describes as similar to ultrasound, using light waves instead of sound waves.

Contact Southwest Orlando Eye Care

To make your comprehensive dilated eye exam appointment today and learn more about diabetic retinopathy symptoms and treatment options, give us a call at 407-271-8931.


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