Conditions Treated

An Overview of Conditions Treated at Southwest Orlando Eye Care

Many people take the health of their eyes for granted; however, an issue with eyesight is also one of the major reasons why someone seeks the care of a medical professional. Too often, people do not understand the tremendous role that someone's eyes play in their overall quality of life. People rely on their eyes to communicate with each other, interpret the world around them, and move from place to place. For that reason, everyone should take care of their eyes. At Southwest Orlando Eye Care, we are here to help the citizens of the Orlando area by providing treatment for a comprehensive array of eye conditions. 

Common Eye Conditions Treated

There are lots of eye conditions that we see in our office daily. Some of the ocular ailments that our optometrist team handles include:

Hyperopia and Myopia: Also called nearsightedness and farsightedness, these are two of the most common ailments that we see in our office. Countless people across the country need corrective prescription lenses to help them with their eyesight. We will help you find the right prescription to correct your vision, ensuring that you can see clearly.

Astigmatism: We also see lots of people who have a condition called astigmatism. Astigmatism causes objects in someone's visual field to appear slightly distorted. We also have treatment options that can help correct vision for individuals who have this condition.

Foreign Body: Here is a common acute visual concern that we see in our office. When someone has a foreign body in their eye, this can be incredibly uncomfortable. This can make it feel like someone has something scratching across their eyes continually. We will work hard to make everyone feel calm as we identify and remove the foreign body.

Amblyopia:  This is a serious vision concern that can impact someone during their younger years. If not addressed quickly, this condition can be serious for a child. We are trained in this condition and will ensure that every child has access to the care that he or she deserves.

Rely on the Trained Professionals at Southwest Orlando Eye Care

Everyone needs to have access to a trained a comprehensive optometry center. At Southwest Orlando Eye Care, we are proud to provide vision therapy from a children's pediatric eye doctor. We are here to take care of your entire family. Our team provides comprehensive optometry care to everyone who walks in the door. We would be honored to take care of you and your children. Please call us today to make an appointment. We will provide compassionate care for all of your eye needs.


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