Contact Lens Exams

Our Orlando Optometrist Offers Contact Lens Exams

Optometry has come a long way from the ancient days of heavy, uncomfortable glass contact lenses that covered the entire exposed part of the eyeball. Today's lenses come in more varieties than ever, offering extreme comfort and crystal-clear vision for a wide range of people with refractive errors (nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia and astigmatism). That does not mean you can simply have a pair made based on your corrective lens prescription. Contact lenses require expert fitting and must be selected with your specific vision needs and lifestyle in mind. This extra degree of customization calls for a contact lens exam from our Orlando optometrist here at Southwest Orlando Eye Care.

The first phase of any eye evaluation includes a comprehensive eye exam (to check for eye diseases and eye function issues) and vision testing to see whether your eyesight needs correcting. The use of standard eye charts and an instrument called a phoropter (which substitutes various lenses to clarify the images you see on the chart) helps our optometrist, Dr. Nowell, write an exact prescription for single-vision, bifocal or multifocal corrective lenses. If you were only interested in getting eyeglasses, then this would be all you need to have those lenses fabricated. If you want contacts instead of glasses or in addition to them, then you must also schedule a contact lens exam.

Measurements and Evaluations at Southwest Orlando Eye Care

A contact lens exam at our optometry center includes a series of measurements aimed at helping us fit your contact lenses to your eyes perfectly. To get a basic idea of your corneal measurements, we use an instrument called a keratometer to examine how the cornea refracts incoming light. More precise readings are obtained through digital processes known as corneal topography and wavefront measurement. All of these techniques reveal every corneal aberration that needs to be addressed in your contact lens fitting and fabrication. Our optometrist will also measure the diameters of your pupils and irises so that the contact lenses will cover the entire area they're supposed to cover and provide full correction for your entire field of vision.

But measurements alone don't tell us everything we need to know. Part of your contact lens exam will include checking for specific eye health problems such as insufficient tear film or corneal tissue problems. While these and other issues might not disqualify you for contacts altogether, they could limit your options somewhat. For instance, RGP (rigid gas permeable) lenses are the only kind that can correct very strong prescriptions effectively. Even if you have a full range of options to choose from, you may prefer disposable lenses, extended-wear soft lenses, rigid contacts or colored contacts. We can help you make the most sensible choice for your needs.

Schedule an Appointment for a Contact Lens Exam

If you are interested in being checked for contacts, contact our Orlando optometrist today. You can call us at (407) 271-8931 today to schedule a comprehensive eye exam and contact lens exam with Southwest Orlando Eye Care.If you need to order your contacts, click here!


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