Keratitis Treatment from our Optometrists in Orlando, FL

When you have keratitis it means that your cornea is inflamed. This condition can result in vision loss if you let it go untreated. At Southwest Orlando Eye Care, we provide diagnostic services and keratitis treatment in Orlando, FL to protect your vision. 

female patient rubbing her eyes from keratitis inflammation

Causes of Keratitis

You can have keratitis from different causes, including injuries and germs. Wearing contact lenses that are contaminated with bacteria or other germs can cause you to develop infectious keratitis. Other causes include exposure to certain viruses, such as the herpes virus, or contaminated water in swimming pools, hot tubs and natural bodies of water. You can end up with noninfectious keratitis if you have an eye injury, such as a scratch on your cornea. This can become infected if bacteria or other germs enter your cornea.

Symptoms of Keratitis

Keratitis causes several symptoms that affect your eyes. When you have this condition, you might have red eyes, sore eyes or watery eyes. You might also have discharge, trouble opening your eyes or blurry vision. Other symptoms that can occur include decreased vision, increased sensitivity to light and a sensation that you have something in your eye. If you have symptoms of keratitis, it is important to see our optometrist as soon as you can to lower your risk of vision loss.

Keratitis Prevention

How can you protect your eyes from keratitis? There are several steps you can take, including disinfecting contact lenses if you wear them. You should also wash your hands before you touch your contacts and have these lenses replaced as often as recommended. To lower your risk of viral keratitis, do not touch your eyes if you have any cold sores. You should also avoid using corticosteroid eye drops without close supervision from our optometrist. Keep in mind that regular eye exams are also an important part of preventing keratitis.

Keratitis Treatment in Orlando, FL

If you have a mild case of noninfectious keratitis, you might not require treatment. Our optometrist in Orlando might prescribe medication if you have a more severe case. For infectious keratitis, treatment options depend on the cause. Bacterial keratitis requires antibacterial eye drops for mild cases and oral antibiotics for more severe cases. Fungal keratitis requires the use of antifungal eye drops, while viral keratitis requires antiviral eye drops, along with oral antiviral medications in some cases. Our optometrist will go over your treatment after diagnosing your condition. For serious cases that affect your vision, you might need a cornea transplant. 

Contact Our Orlando Optometrists for Keratitis Treatment

If you are due for a regular eye exam, please contact Southwest Orlando Eye Care to schedule an appointment. Our optometrists in Orlando can check for signs of keratitis and provide treatment if needed. Call us at (407) 271-8931.


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