Pediatric Eye Care

Why Is Regular Pediatric Eye Care So Important?

Everyone knows that regular eye exams and other routine procedures are important.  What they might not realize is that it is twice as important for children.  At Southwest Orlando Eye Care, we are here to provide optometry care for not only adults but children. Pediatric eye care is important because your child is rapidly growing, especially their eyes. Our office is here to provide the best pediatric eye care for the children of the Orlando area.


Where Should You Begin?

Whether or not a person thinks their child has an eye problem, it is a great idea to take him or her to a pediatric eye doctor regularly.  This allows the child to become familiar with the optometrist and procedures such as eye exams.  In turn, the doctor will get to know your child personally.  Then he or she will be better able to detect a potential problem, should one arise.  By that time their offspring will not be afraid of their optometrist and visits will go smoothly.

What Can Happen If This Is Not Done?

Experts say that many children have undetected vision problems simply because they do not make routine visits to the eye doctor.  These problems will not go away.  Ignoring them will only lead to more severe problems in the future.  Not only do they have the potential to lose their sight altogether, but the troubles could impact their ability to learn in school.  If the eye problem is diagnosed early on, a simple vision therapy program will most likely correct it.  Then life will improve for the child.

Facts About Pediatric Vision Therapy

In the case of a young vision patient, the children's eye doctor will do everything possible to avoid surgery.  He or she would probably prescribe a therapy regimen for the child.  It is one that can be developed to correct the problem.  There are exercises and visual instruments and, of course, forms of visual rehab.  Our optometrist may also try to avoid mandating that glasses be worn because there are other forms of treatment available.  Should glasses be necessary, parental coaching is most helpful. 

What Does Parental Coaching Mean?

Although routine for adults, having to wear glasses can sometimes be traumatizing for a child.  He or she may fear ridicule from classmates and friends.  It is up to the parents to ensure their little ones feel more secure about glasses.  Explain the good parts in terms they can understand.  Help them pick out a style that compliments their appearance. We will also be there to provide support and make sure your child is comfortable.

The Best Pediatric Eye Care in Orlando

Visit Southwest Orlando Eye Care so we can provide your child with the best in eye care.  When you visit our office, we work with you and your child to find the best treatment for their care.  To see what we have to offer in the Orland area, call (407) 271-8931


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