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Southwest Orlando Eye Care is a full-service optometry practice. We regularly care for both adult patients and pediatric patients with a variety of different vision and eye conditions. We provide eye exams, prescription lenses, and treatment for many different eye conditions. We can even provide eye surgery co-management when you've received surgical treatment from an ophthalmologist. Read on to learn more about the services we offer. 

Children's Vision Therapy & Eye Care

In addition to treating adults, we also treat children. Your optometrist can also be your child's pediatric eye doctor. We can offer children the same services that we offer adults, including vision therapy like myopia control, prescription lenses and glasses, and the treatment of any eye conditions that they may have.

Eye Exams

We routinely perform eye exams on both adult and pediatric patients. We can perform specific contact lens exams, but we can also simply diagnose vision problems during a routine exam. We can also diagnose conditions like myopia, for which we offer myopia control therapy. An eye exam will also give us a look at any eye diseases or conditions that you may have. We can diagnose and treat common eye conditions like dry eye syndrome and pink eye. If necessary, we can give you or your child a referral to a leading ophthalmologist. 

Eye Surgery Co-Management

One of the most supportive services that we offer at our practice is eye surgery co-management. We do not perform surgery at our practice, but we can refer you to an ophthalmologist for surgery. We can stay with you and help you prepare for your surgery. After you get your surgery, we can help you recover. Our eye surgery co-management services are intended to complement the services of the eye surgeon.

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Southwest Orlando Eye Care is here for your vision and eye care needs. We can provide not only prescription lenses and glasses, but also treatment for a variety of different eye conditions. We can even team up with an ophthalmologist to offer care before and after eye surgery. If you have any questions about the services we offer or the conditions that we can treat, you can give us a call or simply send us a message through our website. We'll work with you to find an appointment time that works for your schedule. Give us a call at (407) 271-8931.


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