Welcome to Southwest Orlando Eye Care!

At Southwest Orlando Eye Care, you’ll find able optometrists in a full-service practice with a focus on adult and pediatric eye care. Visit us for your entire family’s eye exams, contact lens exams, vision therapy, myopia control and more. We’re here to assure your optimal vision and eye health.

Here’s what you’ll find at Southwest Orlando Eye Care.

A Compassionate Team of Vision and Eye Care Experts

Dr. John Nowell, optometrist, and director of clinical operations have been with Southwest Orlando Eye Care since 1991. Dr. Ben Konynenbelt serves as the clinic’s pediatric eye doctor and director of vision therapy services.

The two optometrists lead a highly capable and compassionate staff of administrators, optometric technicians, vision therapy and contact lens assistants and other personnel. All are eager to address the total vision and eye care needs of you and your children.

Full Vision and Eye Care Services

Our routine and specialty services for adults and children include the following.

Eye and vision exams -- Many patients see us for the first time as children and let us check their eye health at every age. We can screen for ocular diseases and poor vision and order and adjust your eyeglass prescriptions.

Contact lens prescriptions -- If you’re switching from glasses to contacts, we’ll measure your eyes to fit you for lenses, help you choose the right contacts for your eyes and show you how to properly care for them.

Choosing glasses and prescription sunglasses -- We invite you to browse our optical shop for the frames that fit your face and sense of style. Our skilled technicians will help you with your search and adjust your selection.

Pre- and post-consultation for eye surgery -- Start your planning for LASIK or other eye surgery here. We’ll answer your questions, schedule your surgery, perform all of your follow-up care and lead you to a quick recovery.

Keratoconus treatment -- We’ll diagnose this corneal eye condition and help you find the lenses or glasses that will correct your blurry, distorted vision.

Vision therapy -- Some vision disorders are related to the eye-brain connection, and can’t be treated with eyeglasses or contacts. Optometric vision therapy can effectively treat vision problems that lead to blurred or double vision, headaches or tired eyes and can result in poor reading comprehension.

Sports vision therapy -- Athletes need the best possible hand-eye coordination and depth perception skills. We’ll screen for optimal performance and explain how your vision might be improved.

Computer vision therapy -- It seems that we’re all staring at screens these days. That can cause eye strain, blurry vision, and headaches. We’ll diagnose and treat that condition to make your life easier.

Make an Eye Care Appointment Today

We invite you to make an appointment for an eye exam or other vision and eye care services for your entire family. We’re pleased to comprehensively serve your eye care needs and your children's. Simply call us at (407) 271-8931. Or fill out our online appointment request form.

You’ll find Southwest Orlando Eye Care to be conveniently located at 7208 Sand Lake Road, Ste. 202 in Orlando.   


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